Course development

Mathematical Modeling

I started developing this senior-level undergraduate introduction to mathematical modeling in 2003, with TRIF (Technology and Research Initiative Fund) funding from the University of Arizona. I wrote a set of lecture notes and redesigned the course around semester-long projects based on research articles, on which students work in groups. The new version of the course was taught for the first time in Spring 2005.


Mathematical Analysis for Engineers

This is a junior-level undergraduate course for engineers, developed with support from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. I coordinated the redesign of the course, and wrote the initial set of lecture notes and clicker problems.


Integrated Science

I co-developed and taught a freshman seminar entitled Introduction to Integrated Science and a junior-level course entitled Explorations in Integrated Science. Support came from the College of Science and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona, as well as from the National Science Foundation (DUE 0737137 to G. Burd).


Q Bio, the University of Arizona Quantitative Biology Project

I participated in the development of web-based modules designed to increase the use of quantitative concepts in entry-level biology courses. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation (DUE 0633379 to K. Dixon).


BioMath Committee Member

I worked on including biology concepts into a freshman sequence of mathematics courses (MATH 250 A & 250 B) that combined calculus and differential equations, in line with the recommendations made by the BIO 2010 panel. Support came from the Department of Mathematics and from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (via a grant to the University of Arizona life sciences departments).