Applied mathematician, scientist, educator

I am a professor of mathematics and public health at the University of Arizona. This site describes my work as a member of an international community of researchers and educators. The menus at the top contain information about me and my professional activities. Some of the blog items below tell professional stories; others summarize information I have collected on important academic issues, or point to interesting work that I have seen in the recent literature. Collectively, the pages in this site illustrate my passion for curiosity-driven research, for elegant applications, and for discovering and sharing knowledge.

On the Importance of Mathematical Models

Last month, our team won the DARPA Chikungunya Challenge. We were asked to predict the number of cases of Chikungunya observed in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) countries from the beginning of September 2014 till the end of February 2015. Our predictions were then scored against the actual numbers reported on the PAHO website. Points were also awarded for methodology, presentation,…